Got Milk? Or Calcium Supplements? Or Neither?

HealthWise Winter2016 Hasson 1 300x248Calcium, so essential to strong bones and teeth, as well as nerve transmission, muscle contraction and blood clotting, can be in short supply as we age. Exactly how much is needed of this important mineral, and Vitamin D, its companion to ensure optimal absorption, has been the subject of intense scrutiny over several decades. However, […]

Salt Shake Down: Sodium Reduction is on the Table

Turkey sandwiches…soups…deli meats. Are these the building blocks of a healthy meal or stealthy contributors of excess sodium? Both, according to experts, but improved versions are in the works, thanks to June 2016 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended guidelines and commitments from food manufacturers and restaurant operators to shake down the salt. Implicated in […]

Is What You’re Reading What You’re Eating?

HealthWise Spring2016 Hasson 2 300x119While the evidence is not yet in on the enhanced nutritional value of organic or natural foods, consumers appear to have made their own decision.  The latest research shows more than 62 percent of Americans now regularly shop for these types of products and pay premium prices for ‘farm to table’ dishes when dining out. Many […]

Find Your Roots with Winter’s Best Veggies

Healthwise Winter 2015 FINAL Hasson 2While they may not have the crisp appeal of sugar snap peas or the sleek appearance of a summer tomato, winter’s bounty of root vegetables and greens brings some of the year’s most nutrient-rich dishes to the table. Serve up as chips or gratins, roasted or braised, mashed or raw, in soups or salads…see our recommendations for a […]

How Much Vitamin D Do We Really Need?

Healthwise Winter 2015 FINAL Hasson 300x244In the multi-lettered world of vitamins and minerals, why did Vitamin D move to the top of the list…and should it be there? Following is a look at the paradox of the “sunshine vitamin,” critical to the body’s healthy function in numerous ways, but may not be important enough to warrant regular screenings, according to the latest national recommendations. The undisputed […]

MIND Your Diet

Hasson HW 2017 Summer FINAL 2 300x177Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. – Hippocrates Food’s healing properties is a concept that stems back to the earliest days of medicine, but has taken on new significance as a natural way to prevent or manage today’s most devastating illnesses, from dementia to heart disease. The regimens presented below are […]

Sweet Surrender: Is Sugar Off the Table for Healthy Eaters?

Hasson HW 2017 Spring FINAL 1 300x178As we become more aware of what comprises healthy eating, sugar is increasingly viewed with a wary eye. Evidence is mounting that a sugar-filled diet – and the resulting weight gain – can lead to increased cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation, and to a higher risk of obesity and obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, […]

Try a New Approach to Food in the New Year: Stop Dieting and Focus on Mindful Eating

photoThe dieting-overeating-weight regain cycle is almost inevitable, not because people fail diets but because diets fail people. It is important to understand that rebound overeating happens to almost everybody, and should not be viewed as an individual weakness or fault. The main reason diets do not work over the long term is they create deprivation […]

Smoothies: Nutrition That Goes Down Easy

HW_Summer2014_NutritionFreeze the fruit and boot up the blender—summer is the perfect time to develop a taste for smoothies. With the right ingredients, a day’s worth of vitamins and minerals can be packed into a remarkably healthy breakfast or working lunch. Smoothies can be found everywhere from juice bars to yogurt shops, but the best way […]

Calorie Counting: A Weigh In

HW Summer 2014 Calorie Counting 300x209Conventional wisdom: a calorie is a calorie, and to lose weight, you must take in fewer calories than you expend. Fast forward to today: all calories are not created equal. What makes up that calorie is more important than the calorie itself, emphatically stated by Jim Kirchoff, former CEO ofWeight Watchers. “When we have a […]